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The Qudra (Omnipotence) of God and the Sustenance of the Servant 1205
The Journey of Al Isra Wal Miraj -Khutba Paper 2013 1078
Reflection on Surah Al Hujurat - a Discourse on Divine Ethics 1235
Looking after the Orphan, the Needy and the Poor 1123
Paradise (Jannah) and its Key 1684
The Heart of Our Salaat 1276
Iman, Nur and our Perception of Reality 1051
Actualizing our Shukr - Living in the State of the Gift 1078
Hajj and the Blessed Ten Days 1018
Sahaba and their Love for the Prophet 1081
Brotherhood: The Spirit of Akhuwat 1164
Knowledge is Light and Liberty: lessons from the life of Frederick Douglass 1098
The Prophet, Altruism and Gift Economics 966
Shukr for food amidst a global food crisis 1178
Ramadan - Ten days of Mercy and the Imperative of Zakat 1118
The Nature of Love and Following 1044
Reflections on Surat Al Asr 1413
Preparing for Ramadan 1218
Ramadan - the Month of the Quran 1103
Khutba Paper on Isra Wal Miraj 1263
Khutba Paper on Riba-tanic 1177
Debt, Usury (Riba) and Islam 1375
Our Kids, Grades and Modern Schooling 1113
The Blessings of Money and the Dangers of Riba 1067
Ramadan, You and Your Taqwa - Significance of Ramdan 1207
Wafa to Allah and His Messenger - Lessons from the Battle of Badr and being needy of Allah on the last ten days of Ramadan 983
The Essence of Good Character - 5 traits from the Prophetic Example 1306
The Prophet, Springs Gift and the Color Green 1067
Description of the Prophet (SAW) 1059
The path of goodness - the path of success 1184
Raising Muslim Children 1179
Importance of Taqwa 1510
The Importance of Surah Takathur - the problem of piling up things 1173
The Importance of Community 1194
Purifying the Nafs 1855
Essence of Surah Al Baqarah 1384

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